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Building automation and security solutions
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System Overview
Building automation and security system is a new type of intelligent monitoring products, set video surveillance, intelligent alarm , intelligent appliance control functions in one . Combined with supporting software , it also has a remote computer over a network view surveillance images , control appliances and other functions, but also with the use of mobile view surveillance video and household appliances remote control and other functions. The system consists of hardware and software systems.
System components
System is structured as follows:

An alarm control subsystem
ET8300 series of building automation and smart home collecting infrared curtain , infrared shooting , door , gas, fire detectors and other alarm signals, these signals can be wired and wireless in two ways to the household treasure. Smart host on an analysis of this information is an alarm signal if the alarm immediately . Alarm modes: Siren , cycle call , the server sends an alarm signal to the computer that is connected to an alarm signals.
315M civilian radio signal is transmitted to the home radio frequency treasure. Alarm signal modulated encoded data through the radio frequency waves to 315M , the smart host after receiving the alarm signal demodulation decoding, restore the alarm signal. Thus reliability and confidentiality. 16-way cable can be connected to 64 wireless alarm signal and alarm signal .
2, the video surveillance subsystem
Smart host can access 4 wired video images, 64 2.4G band wireless -based video access . 4 -channel images can be set 24 hours video or timer recording, trigger recording, remote control video. Machine drives can save more than 15 days continuous recording . Images can be connected to the smart host viewed on a monitor or TV , you can watch on the remote computer and viewed on the phone .
Image storage format is MPEG4, resolution of 352 * 288 , 25 frames per second . The images are viewed on a mobile phone 176 * 144.
3 , intelligent home control subsystem
System has a control home appliances or other equipment power switch, temperature control , channel regulation, and control functions , you can output wired volume control switch 6-channel and 64- channel wireless switch control , you can also learn a variety of output devices pre infrared remote control code function . These features make for household appliances intelligent control is very convenient. Software system has a user- programmed function, the appliance can control the user's own set . Such timing control , the trigger control. Allows the user through a computer network at the remote control for home appliances , you can also use your phone to control .
Product Features
Video monitoring and recording function
4 wired video inputs, 64 channel wireless video access , you can choose 24 hours permanent video, timing video , motion detection trigger video recording , probe detection triggered recording . The hard drive comes with video recording Sustainable reservations more than 15 days is not deleted. Users can also keep adding hard drives longer. Video playback while recording, alarm records and other operations. If the way in which the video to a digital TV set-top box or TV output , you can add your favorite TV programs regularly recorded. Never miss because something good TV show. If the child's learning festival catalog down can give the child repeated viewing learning . If you hold a party, the party can also be recorded down to keep as a permanent memorial.
Intelligent security alarm
16-way cable can be connected to 64 wireless alarm detectors. Install the appropriate zone infrared sensors , door sensors and other alarm , when there are unusual circumstances when the alarm is triggered , home Bao immediately call the preset phone number, a one cycle dial . Achieve active alarm .
Programmable appliance control
Only residence has 64 channel wireless output 6 way cable output, you can control various appliances. Such as lights, sirens, air conditioning , television, cooker, microwave and washing machine . These electrical control fully realized user programming. For example , while in the police to control other electrical switches , such as lights, sirens, other equipment. Another example can set the timer timed open air or light , timed to the garden faucet watering the flowers . Another example can be set to a particular infrared detector or door contact switch is triggered, play music, automatically open electric gates and so on. Entirely by the user program control, to achieve full intelligent.
Remote computer operation or phone operating
Through the Internet, or on a remote computer on the phone live view video images , control electrical appliances and other operations. And any time and any place you can watch at home via phone or computer case , regardless of time and place constraints, anytime want to see.
Alarm and reminders
Programmable set multiple alarms or timed reminders. As important meetings, such as someone's birthday .
Product Features
Quad 4 cameras can be wired or 64 wireless access, simultaneous recording , remote viewing available phone for video switching wheel look .
Can be set to 24 hours permanent video, timing video , motion detection trigger video recording , probe detection triggered recording .
Phone or computer can be used simultaneously for video surveillance, smart home control , and can be more than one person watching .
Video hosting transmitted image is clear, coherent, and timely alarm response .
Intelligent programming , random control recording, alarm and electrical appliances.
Set doorbell , alarm clock, music appreciation , telephone and other functions in one .
Do not ask for the phone functions , the majority of color , can install software for mobile phones can be realized.
The monitoring system without a computer as a host , network cable directly connected to the mobile video host can achieve .
The use of safety monitoring system , multiple password-protected to prevent outsiders view .
System scalability strong , easy to maintain, expand and upgrade .
Variety of deployment options to arm multi- zone can be switched during arming arming program .
64 can be connected to 16 wireless wired alarm input. 6-channel 64-channel wireless wired output control.