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Winning the good news! Yili Electric successfully won the bid for the State Grid Jiangsu 2018 Agreement Inventory Project

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Strive to create a good performance, the Czech newspaper frequently broadcasts the song. On September 17, 2018, our company successfully won the bid for the third batch of provincial investment agreement inventory project distribution data collection terminal (low-voltage telemetry remote communication terminal) package 3 in 2018, the total bid price was 20,819,791 yuan, which was 2018. The brilliant marketing performance of the year adds a touch of color.
The winning bid of this project not only demonstrates the strength of the company in the secondary equipment industry, but also demonstrates the core competitiveness of our company and is also recognized by the State Grid for the Yili brand. The successful bidding of the project indicates that the company is continually selecting projects suitable for the development needs of the enterprise and selecting a new direction for the development of the business. It is of great significance to the development of the company's future business and the subsequent pursuit of similar projects.
Yili Electric will not be trusted by the State Grid, conscientiously implement the terms of the contract, provide quality products and satisfactory services for the State Grid, and hope to cooperate hand in hand in the future cooperation and win-win cooperation!
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