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Where is the electricity sent by the first photovoltaic highway in Jinan?

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Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network News: At 2 pm on December 28, 2017, China's first self-developed world's first photovoltaic highway was unveiled in Jinan. The photovoltaic road occupies two lanes with a total length of 1,080 meters. The surface is a translucent material like frosted glass, which allows sunlight to pass through. Solar energy technology is used to convert light energy into electrical energy. The annual power generation is expected to be 1 million kWh. What's more, the electromagnetic induction coil is reserved under the road surface. In the future, the electric car can be charged while running on the road! At present, the electricity generated by this photovoltaic road has been connected to the charging pile to realize grid-connected power generation.
So, where did the electricity generated by this photovoltaic highway go? How much can I earn? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the China Net Jinan Power Supply Company.
The reporter learned that the length of the highway section of the highway is 1.08 kilometers, and the two lanes are installed with a total of 5,184 photovoltaic modules. The total laying area is 5,874 square meters, and the total installed capacity is 817.2 kilowatts. It is estimated that the annual power generation will be 1.01 million kWh. The average annual power generation in 25 years is 930,000 kWh, with an average annual saving of 124 tons of standard coal, 970 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction, 24 tons of sulfur dioxide emission reduction, 3.2 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 5.6 tons of emission reduction dust.
The electricity generated by the photovoltaic road is sold to the national grid. Since there is no energy storage device, the current discovery and selling mode is adopted. The daily electricity consumption of the highway section is not powered by this project, and the required power is purchased from the grid.
According to reports, the on-grid price of this photovoltaic expressway consists of government subsidies and benchmark electricity prices, totaling 0.85 yuan / kWh, which means that the revenue of this photovoltaic section by electricity sales is 0.85 × 1010000 = 8.585 million. According to the calculation of the power generation status of this photovoltaic road, the power generation per square meter per year is about 172 kWh.
The reporter also learned that a set of magnetically conductive magnetic plates can be embedded on the solar cells in the highway photovoltaic modules. According to the principle of "magnetic generation, electromagnetism", electric vehicles with electromagnetic conversion devices are on the photovoltaic road. It is able to absorb the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the road while driving, and at the same time convert it into electricity in the body to realize the cool function of charging while running.
Another question that everyone cares about is how is the high-speed photovoltaic power connected to the grid? On January 4th, the reporter followed the staff of the marketing department of Jinan Power Supply Company to the high-speed photovoltaic road section of Jinan Ring Express. After detailed inspection and understanding of the current electricity situation after the grid connection of the photovoltaic highway, the staff introduced that the Jinan Power Supply Company was highly Pay attention to the grid-connected service of photovoltaic highways, strictly follow the basic principles of “welcome, support and service”, and manage the process of planning, accessing, designing, constructing, testing, operating, overhauling, etc. The grid has opened up a “green channel” to ensure that the photovoltaic highway will complete grid-connected power generation work on schedule.
It is understood that the PV module of this photovoltaic expressway is composed of photovoltaic arrays and is converted into 0.35 kV AC through 36 20-kilowatt inverters. After being boosted by a 1000 kVA transformer (0.35/10KV), it passes. A new 10 kV line will be connected to the 10 kV large-scale line connected by the 110 kV Nankang substation.
At present, with the official opening of this photovoltaic expressway, Jinan Power Supply Company will continue to do a good job in the follow-up power supply, timely understand customer needs, and coordinate the resolution of existing difficulties and problems.
Source: New VW